Meet our team

Dr Satbir Aulakh


Anti-Ageing & Metabolic Medicine

Dr Satbir Aulakh is the founder of Ageless Health Clinics NT which opened its doors in 2014, born from a desire to contribute to the lives of his clients in a positive and profound way leading them to look and feel the best they can. With nearly two decades of experience as a medical practitioner, Dr Aulakh brings with him experience in a wide range of treatment modalities including cosmetic enhancement, regenerative medicine, metabolic medicine and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Dr Aulakh’s ethical and committed approach to tailored health and wellness.  Over time he has come to master the art of anti-ageing, cosmetic and metabolic medicine and is eager to help change the lives of patients looking to better their health and life.

Dr Priyanta Thotagamuwa


Chronic Pain, Gut Health & Illness

Dr Pri’s passion is to cure suffering. All of his patients are treated with the utmost care, respect and friendliness. His understanding and gentle demeanour has earned him a long and successful career in integrated nutritional medicine.

Dr Pri takes a natural approach to medicine and avoids the use of narcotic medications and benzodiazepines, instead he combines his extensive knowledge of natural nutrition and herbs with conventional medical therapies such as Prolotherapy and PRP injections.

Your initial consultation with Dr Pri will be very thorough as he aims to fully understand your condition, concerns and hopes for better health.

Ms Janice James

BA (Hons Psych)

Clinical Psychologist 

Ms. James has practiced as a registered psychologist for over 30 years and offers comprehensive clinical and counselling services including clinical hypnosis, psychological assessment and diagnosis and medico-legal reports.

Her psychology clinic encompasses working with children and adults suffering from many psychological problems. Ms James practices in all fields of psychology and has a special interest in patients suffering from anxiety and mood disorders (e.g. depression, stress), sleeping difficulties, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), relationship issues, eating disorders, addictions and adjustment to life and health changes.

Dr Mirjana Janjic


Cosmetic Aesthetic Solutions & Medical Laser Treatment

Dr Mirjana Janjic has a particular interest in women’s health and strives to offer patients the best outcomes and best of care. With innovative approaches to managing health issues, Dr Mirjana Janjic has 20 years of experience treating women’s health concerns.

Dr Mirjana Janjic provides comprehensive cosmetic solutions including anti-wrinkle injections, silhouette soft thread lift, dermal fillers, chemical peels and medical laser treatments. Her holistic approach ensures that you come away knowing how to take care of yourself post-procedure to maximise and enhance results.

Dr Pranav Sharma


General Practitioner

Vikki Pauli

Practice Manager